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Become a Monthly OCN Share the Light Sponsor Today!


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Your Monthly Support Will Change Lives!

As a Share the Light Sponsor, your gift of just $35 a month will help us bring Faith to the Fingertips of Orthodox Christian around the world. Millennials between ages 18-34 are leaving our churches at an alarming rate, 70% are leaving to be exact. We are surrounded with constant noise and notifications. If the people of today aren't going to be in church then we need to be meet them where they are at and where they are on the internet consuming media. They are consuming over 12 hours of media each day. They are being lied to, and being told this is true, no this is true, so many truths, lies, and uncertainties.

At the Orthodox Christian Network we are taking the extra step and going out to people to share the truth of the gospel. Media allows us to spread the seeds of goodness in Orthodoxy around the world. How do we bring them the Gospel if the faithful don't come to Church. Simple we go to them and that is what the OCN does every minute of the day.

As a vital member of our ministry team your gifts and prayers will enable to use today's digital landscape to produce and provide unlimited access to:

  • 35 Orthodox-Inspiring programs including The Rudder: Live Streaming Byzantine Chant, The Anchor: LIVE Orthodox Talk Radio, Come Receive the Light Radio Interview Program, Live Streaming Church Worship around the World, Live Q&A with Father Gregory, Daily Prayer Team & Devotionals and so much more.
  • A growing online community over 7 social media platforms.
  • Live Streamed Orthodox Seminars.
  • Culturally relevant podcasts and video series.
  • Developing new initiatives.

As a monthly Share the Light Sponsor you will also get access to:

  • Exclusive Orthodox Seminars
  • Ministry updates and prayer requests from the OCN team
  • Invitations to OCN events in your area

With the average young American spending 10 hours a day using media, your monthly support is more important than ever! Help us reach people where they are with the powerful message of Orthodoxy.

Your support will make an faith filled impact by giving people daily access to Orthodox media ministry missions and connecting them with an online Orthodox community. Join us Today!


Mail a check or credit card information — to OCN's secure, authorized donation processor at the address below:

OCN P.O. Box 9658 Washington, DC 20016

Note: Donations must be received by OCN on or before, December 31st, 2019, to be deductible in the 2019 tax year.

  • DONATE BY Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and/or Litecoin

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Please use the following number to reach us and make your secure credit card donation:


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Thank you for your contribution. OCN is 100% donor supported ministry. It is not underwritten financially by any one organization, jurisdiction, or individual. Rather, OCN is supported entirely by your contributions, partnerships, & grants. The Orthodox Christian Network is a 501(c)(3) corporation.