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This Great Lent and Pascha, Give the Gift of Orthodoxy

Bring Faith to the Fingertips of Orthodox Christians Around the World!

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Finding Hope in our Orthodox Faith

Great Lent is a season of reflection on our Faith, as well as a chance to realign our lives with the values and traditions of Orthodoxy. This time reminds us of the sufferings of Christ and calls us to repentance. In life many of us have suffered, but as Pascha begins, we are joyfully reminded of our hope in Christ's victorious resurrection.

The story of Katy Mena-Berkley featured in the video below shares the hope we can find in the Orthodox Faith amidst trials in our lives. The strength Katy's faith provided reminds us of the importance of our Orthodoxy to all those walking the faith journey

Katy's story is just one example of why the media mission ministry of the OCN is so essential. We want to give people the opportunity everyday to deepen their Orthodox faith. Your help is vital to bringing Faith to the Fingertips of Orthodox Christians around the world. With younger Americans spending 6-9 hours each day absorbing media, it's the call of our generation to work hard to use today's digital landscape to meet people where they are. With your help we can continue to provide Orthodox podcasts, interviews, daily devotionals, live worship and so much more.

During this season of reflection, please consider giving a gift to help reach people where they are with the powerful love of Orthodoxy. Your support of the ministry of the OCN will impact the faith of Orthodox Christians everywhere!