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Bring Faith to the Fingertips of Orthodox Christians around the World!

No one could have imagined the devastating impact that COVID-19 would have on our lives and in the world economy. Now more than ever, we must focus our attention on positive outlets, which allow us time to think, pray, and reflect on our lives. For those who believe in God, challenges are nothing new. Since the beginning of time, people have faced all kinds of problems, both physical and spiritual. Believers always have, or at least been encouraged, to look within and find the solace and healing of faith.

Now is the time for you, your children, and your family to speak to God and feel His comfort and Voice as he leads us through these difficult times.

During this critical time, we encourage you to: spend more quality time with your family, explore our online worship opportunities and resources, subscribe to Orthodox Christian TV, read daily scriptures, and join the prayer team. For those who are struggling with their faith but are seeking to further their knowledge and experience in the Church these offerings will open a new spiritual window for you to learn more about the ancient, historical Church of Christ.

Throughout the centuries, we as children of Almighty God, have faced what seems at times the impossible; plagues, wars, depression, unemployment and yes, debilitating illnesses. But, God has always been there with us, as He was with our families and ancestors. Now is not the time for us to lose hope. Now is the time to allow faith to rule over fear. The Orthodox Christian Network has taken the extra step and has been going out to people to share the truth of the gospel since 1995. Online media allows us to spread the seeds of goodness in Orthodoxy around the world.

This calling fuels our mission and we need your help. Your gift will enable our media ministry team to create and provide access to essential faith-transforming programming and resources. We are a 100% donor supported ministry! Help us provide Orthodox Christians world-wide with faith infused live interactive shows, radio, video interviews, music, kids activities, online worship, daily devotions and so much more.


Mail a check or credit card information to OCN's secure, authorized donation processor at the address below:

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Note: Donations must be received by OCN on or before, December 31, 2020, to be deductible in the 2020 tax year.

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Thank you for your contribution. OCN is 100% donor supported ministry. It is not underwritten financially by any one organization, jurisdiction, or individual. Rather, OCN is supported entirely by your contributions, partnerships, and grants. The Orthodox Christian Network is a 501(c)(3) corporation.