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Prayer is vital to the foundation of our individual faith and the Orthodox community.

We are called to daily prayer to deepen our relationship with God but only half of Orthodox Christians pray daily and 15% seldom or never pray. Prayer is vital to the foundation of our individual faith and the Orthodox community. St. Isaac the Syrian said "It is impossible to draw near to God by any means other than increasing prayer."

We pray as a ministry that we continue to be stewards of the gifts God has given us through our dedicated supporters. We strive to faithfully use these gifts to reach people where they are with the powerful love of Orthodoxy. Only 36% of Americans attend church but 59% of millennial Christians search for spiritual content online. This means providing opportunities to connect with Orthodoxy online is more vital than ever. As a 100% donor supported ministry your support will help us expand our programming, advance our digital technology and provide daily faith-inspiring connection.

With your gift today of $25 or more we will be sending you a Prayer Rope Bracelet blessed over the relics of Saint Demetrios, Saint Peter and Saint Paul. We hope it reminds you to pray for our media missions ministry and all those we impact in their faith journey.

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