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Prayer is a central part of our Faith. It connects us with God and connects us with each other!

Is prayer a part of your daily routine? Our relationship with Jesus is central to our lives. So, why do so few of us take the time to pray? The God of creation is waiting to listen. We need to remember we can bring Him our burdens to bear as well as our joyful praise.

The Orthodox Christian Network is praying with you in your everyday faith walks, and we want to continue to grow together. That is why, with your donation today, we want to send you the gift of a Prayer Rope Bracelet blessed over the relics of Saints Demetrios, Peter and Paul. We hope that it will not only be a daily reminder of your Faith and prayers but also a reminder that you are a part of our world-wide community of Orthodox Christians praying with and for you.

With your donation TODAY, your gift will be on its way. Your donation enables us to continue providing the OCN programs you know and love. All our services are funded by people like you, and without you programs like Come Receive the Light, the Rudder, Coverage of Orthodox News, Orthodox Apps, Sounding Blog and Live Worship would not be able to continue. We hope you are growing with us through our programs: Listening, Reading, Watch, Worship, and Connecting. Your support is vital to our work!

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