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Imagine you are at a public place you visit often. Maybe a coffee shop, book store, bus station, or even a restaurant. How many times do you see people carrying or using their mobile devices?

In the beginning of 2016, OCN released the Orthodox Prayerbook and Spark apps for iOS devices. Since their release, they have been downloaded 12,000 ties. That equals 50 downloads per day. These apps are connecting thousands of people to their faith in a modern and meaningful way. App user Konlelos, shared: "Finally, an app that brings me news from all over the Orthodox world. I check it daily now. Not only are daily devotionals and Bible studies provided by priests, but there is news about suffering Christians. The app makes it easy to share articles and send prayer requests for those who are persecuted. I've recommended it to several friends."

Part of our mission is to make it easy for us all to be continually focused on Christ. So, each day you can find opportunities to be inspired by OCN programming from wherever you are by plugging into our Listen, Read, Watch, Worship. You can also visit to learn more about Upcoming Events, Ongoing Initiatives, and so many other ways to take part in this wonderful work you support.

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